Connect your Lightspeed shop (formerly known as SEOshop) to Shelfast! Now available in the Lightspeed app store!

  • Manage your Shelfast orders from within Lightspeed
  • Automatically synchronize stock between Lightspeed and Shelfast
  • Boost sales with Shelfast Dynamic (Re-)Pricing; increase your sales volume and profit margins

Join over 100 satisfied users – now available for Lightspeed!

The ability to sell your products on e-commerce marketplaces creates huge opportunities, however the extra work accompanying successful selling on and Amazon increases the complexity and workload; keeping stock levels up-to-date on all channels, pricing your products competitively and handling orders quickly and efficiently, requires a lot more attention from the merchant.

Now, there is Shelfast. We’ve developed the Shelfast platform to provide you with the software and services you need to profitably sell your products on e-commerce marketplaces. We connect directly to your Lightspeed store and monitor it for updates on product prices, stock levels and more.

The moment your stock levels have changed in Lightspeed, we quickly and accurately communicate this with and Amazon in order to make sure your listings on these marketplaces are always up-to-date. When orders are placed on or Amazon we’ll automatically import these into your Lightspeed, so that you can easily handle these orders in your customary manner. 

From there we’ll even communicate with and Amazon that the order has been processed successfully and send along a track & trace number.

Shelfast is packed with standard features that make it easier to profitably sell products on and Amazon. 

We developed the Shelfast Dynamic (Re-)Pricing Module for both and Amazon. And made this available for all our customers, free of charge. By using this module, our customers now more often have the best offer on and Amazon and thereby take advantage of the 80%+ increase in order volume it entails.

Shelfast is affordable. We wanted to make our solution available to everyone. The Lightspeed app only costs you 39 euros a month plus 2% of sales.

Support & Documentation Support, maintenance and updates included!

Please contact us via or by phone on +31 (0)70-767 00 67.