For you as an online retailer or manufacturer, online marketplaces open to third party sellers offer you access to more shoppers and more channels of demand.  Most commonly known are Amazon and Ebay, but other marketplaces like, Marktplaats, Rakuten, La Redoute, Cdiscount and Pixmania all offer their own value proposition and local focus. 

For you to start selling on these marketplaces is one of the quickest ways to expand your reach, increase orders and grow revenue.

Are you looking for international expansion?  Marketplaces not only offer low barriers to entry but also give you direct access to a huge customer base in their respective markets.

Shelfast now offers you the opportunity to sell your products on:

  • Amazon

Shelfast is expanding her software and services to other countries and marketplaces. Soon you will also be able to connect with:

  •,,,,, and
  • Rakuten and
  • La Redoute
  • Cdiscount
  • Pixmania

Sales Channels

Marketplaces offer huge sales opportunities, but of course there are other valuable channels of demand. Shelfast will support the following sales channels in the near future.

  • Google shopping
  • Comparison shopping
  • Search
  • Social
  • Webshop

Shelfast Platform

We designed the Shelfast platform in order to provide you with the software and services you need to profitably sell your products on online marketplaces. By sending one single product datafeed to the Shelfast platform you are able to start selling profitably on multiple supported marketplaces.

Gain a competitive edge with the following features:

Software as a service (saas) solution

  • Accessible through your web browser from anywhere on any device
  • Cloud hosted and thereby provides scalability and flexibility for your business

Listing Management

  • Send one single product datafeed to the Shelfast platform and you can list your products on multiple marketplaces.
  • Your data feed will be optimized by the shelfast platform and customized to suit requirements of all marketplaces

Inventory Synchronization

  • Inventory is continuously being synchronized over all marketplaces. Never oversell a product again.

Pricing / Repricing

  • Use Shelfast dynamic re-pricing and always be sure to have the best offer for the product and boost sales
  • Use Shelfast dynamic re-pricing to win you the Amazon buy box
  • Set minimum and maximum prices for your products and let Shelfast set the best offer for every product
  • Focus on net profit of every product

Order Management

  • 1 interface for collecting all marketplace orders
  • Process orders from Shelfast interface or connect with your business software
  • Your order notifications and updates will be send to each marketplace


  • 1 interface for responding to all customer queries from different marketplaces
  • Meet the requirements of all different marketplaces concerning response times and quality scores
  • Keep your seller ratings high

Fulfilment Optimization

  • Route orders to your warehouses or directly to third party fulfilment centres closest to the customer

Reporting and Analytics

  • Dashboard for all critical KPI’s such as sales and revenue per marketplace
  • Sales per sales channel, product range, brand and SKU
  • Sales history per channel – sales and profit
  • Top performing products
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search historical offers

Opportunity Identification

  • See what products are selling at which margin, what the competition is doing and act on these sales opportunities.

Finance / Accounting

  • Tax per country
  • Sales and revenue per sales channel
  • Net revenue per sale - deducting seller fees, fulfilment costs and tax

Integration and Apps

  • Ensured connectivity through our API integrations and ready to install plugins with our partners.
  • Integrate Shelfast with other partners, systems and software.